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Hear what students, parents and colleagues are saying about their experience with Pathfinders' counselors!

"I've had the pleasure of working with Bob and his students for nearly a decade. He is one of the most enthusiastic and caring educators I know, and never ceases to amaze me with his patience and professionalism. Always going the extra mile to understand his students' needs, he helps them carve out a post-secondary school plan that is aligned perfectly with their interests and abilities."

Dr. Andrea Maldonado

Director of International and Overseas Admissions

National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC)

Andrea Maldonado colleague testimonial

"Mr. Jansen has done an exceptional job in helping myself and others with things ranging from the college application process to managing my time and work balance. His dynamic is more than inviting as it makes students feel he is not only on your team, but willing to support                                      you in any way possible to make you feel confident                                       and motivated throughout the college admissions                                      process."

Benny M. - student, Class of 2024

Benny student testimonial

Bibek A. - student, Class of 2024

Bibek student testimonial

"Mr. Jansen is highly effective in guiding students in the college application process. He demonstrates a strong commitment to their success in high school and beyond. His motivation is evident in his dedicated efforts to help students achieve their goals                                  and to feel confident about their academic and                                    professional futures.

Gabi student testimonial

"Mr. Jansen played an important role in the preparation and support for myself and my peers as we entered high school. He is                              truly passionate about what he does, and positive                                impacts every student he works with."

Gabi J. - student, Class of 2026

"Having Mr. Jansen as my college counselor was extremely helpful. In the times where I felt the process was overwhelming and didn't know where to start or what to look for, he provided support and guidance which was key in the                      development of my academic career."

Amanda R. - student, Class of 2022

Amanda student testimonial

Stephanie G. - parent, WIsconsin, USA

"As a first-time parent of a high school Senior, the college application process was overwhelming to me. I was so glad to find Pathfinders, and to leave my son in Mr. Jansen's capable hands. With his help, my son was accepted                                    into Purdue University."

Stephanie parent testimonial

Elias D. - student, Class of 2023

Elias student testimonial

"Mr. Jansen played a pivotal role in my development as a student both in high school, and later in university. His dedication to accompanying my peers and I from the initial brainstorm all the way to applications and deciding which place is more suitable for us as students, but also                                    as people, is what made the entire process                                not only stress free, but quite enjoyable."

"Having had little understanding of the college application process myself, Mr. Jansen helped me open the doors towards future opportunities and great universities. With his help, I was able to apply to more than 10 universities,                                    of which I enrolled into Purdue University,                                  one of the top Mechanical Engineering                            universities in the United States."

Ian student testimonial

Ian S. - student, Class of 2022

"Huge thanks to Mr. Jansen for his help with the admissions process, especially with reviewing my essay. With his help, I managed to get into my dream school, and I firmly believe I couldn't have done                                    it without Pathfinders.

John G. - student, Class of 2024

John student testimonial

“Bob maintains a consistent enthusiasm surrounding learning and has and endearing positive attitude."                                               

Jennifer Betters-Bubon colleague testimonial

Dr. Jennifer Betters-Bubon, PH.D, LPC

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

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